Irkom AQUALIN boje i lakovi na vodenoj bazi



In line with technology development and market demands, Irkom developes products AQUALIN. They are soluble in water and as such belong to group of enviromental friendly products. They are odorless and because of that very suitable for interior painting with weak ventilation. AQUALIN paints characteristics are hardness, elasticity and endurance in various weather conditions.

Irkom AQUAlin ZUZU vodena boja za košnice
Paint for hives
Irkom AQUAlin vodeni lak osnovni
Waterbased varnish primer
Irkom AQUAlin vodeni lak završni
Waterbased varnish top coat
Irkom AQUAlin vodeni emajl završni
Waterbased varnish enamel
Irkom AQUAlin lak za parket
Varnish for parquet
Irkom AQUAlin lak - vodena boja za radijatore
Paint for radiators
Irkom AQUAlin - lak za kamen na vodenoj bazi
Varnish for stone
Irkom AQUAlin - vodena osnovna boja za metal
Primer for metal
Irkom AQUAlin vodena osnovna boja za drvo

Primer for wood

Irkom AQUAlin vodena lazura sa voskom i UV stabilizatorima
Stain with wax


If you want to paint and decorate wood surfaces in your home or in exterior areas easily and simply, Irkom Aqualin paint are the best choice for you. No metter if you paint room door or decorate something with decoupage technique, these paints will make your work much easier, there won’t be odor and hazardous evaporation and work performance is much shorter than painting with other paints.

UV blockers

Irkom Aqualin contains UV blockers that unable changing of colours and cracking caused by sun exposure. Wood is complitely protected for a long time.

Safe for toys

It never was so easy and safe to bring the joy into children rooms. You can refresh look of toys, cribs or drawers with Irkom Aqualin paints and varnishes without fear that it will be harmful for your children. These high quality paints are certified and safe for health.

Soluble in water

Unlike nitro-based and oil-based paints, where you have issue of choosing correct thinner, with Aqualin paints choice is easy. These paints dissolve only in water and after work it is enough to wash tools with warm water.
Irkom AQUAlin vodeni emajl završni

AQUALIN ENAMEL top coat is acrylic water-based decorative paint for wood and metal. It is complitely safe for health and odorless.

Irkom Aqualin Enamel adventages are:

  • It is easy for work for begginers
  • It is certified and safe for health
  • You can change color and shade with toners
  • Color doesn’t turn yellow as time passes
Interior painting:
• Doors, windows
• Furniture
• Metal accessories
Easy for usage:
• Dries quickly
• Odorless
• Washing of tools in water
For creative people:
• Renewing of furniture
• Suitable for decoupage
• For cribs, toys, …